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What are the commonly used equipment to test the steering stability of a car? What is the function

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The better the car’s handling and stability, the higher the driver’s driving experience and safety. Basically every car will be tested for car handling and stability before leaving the factory. The test methods are divided into road test and bench test, and the testing equipment used There are also many, so what are the commonly used equipment to detect the stability of car handling? Which items do they test separately? The following editor of Naiou will give you a detailed introduction.

Commonly used equipment for testing the stability of car

1. Angular velocity gyroscope: The angular velocity gyroscope has also become a two-degree-of-freedom gyroscope, which is mainly used to measure the yaw rate of a car. In order to make the dynamic test value not produce too much phase lag, when the relative damping coefficient of the instrument is 0.2, the natural frequency f should not be less than 50Hz. At the same time, the angular step gyroscope should also ensure that the input frequency is within the range of 0~2.5Hz and its output is linear.

2. Vertical gyroscope: also known as three-degree-of-freedom gyroscope, mainly used to measure the roll angle and pitch angle of the car body. When using, pay attention to the input deviation of sine wave signal caused by the rotation axis is not completely perpendicular to the ground.

3. Steering wheel dynamometer: The steering wheel dynamometer is mainly used to measure the torque and rotation angle imposed on the steering wheel. One is the auxiliary steering wheel form, the force measuring element is installed on the auxiliary steering wheel. The other is only force sensor and angle sensor.

4. Lateral longitudinal accelerometer: The lateral longitudinal accelerometer is used to measure the lateral acceleration and longitudinal acceleration when the car is moving in a curve. The lateral accelerometer should be placed on the center of mass of the car. In general, the two-degree-of-freedom gyroscope, three-degree-of-freedom gyroscope, and lateral longitudinal accelerometer are often combined to form a test system, which is installed in the center of mass of the car for testing.

5. Vehicle speed tester: The vehicle speed tester is generally located at the rear of the car, and can be divided into two types: contact type and non-contact type according to whether it is in contact with the road. GPS is becoming more and more widespread. Using GPS can not only measure vehicle speed, acceleration, braking distance and vehicle position, but also measure the cornering force on the wheels and other parameters.

6. Beam level wheel aligner: measuring wheel camber, kingpin inclination, kingpin camber, wheel toe, maximum wheel rotation angle and rotation angle difference.

7. Vehicle dynamic tester: measuring vehicle yaw rate, vehicle body roll angle and trim angle, vehicle lateral acceleration and longitudinal acceleration and other motion parameters.

8. Torque and angle meter: measure steering wheel angle or torque.

9. Handling stability test data processing system: It is mainly used to process the data in the test, and perform real-time display, processing, printing and storage of the data. Therefore, it is very convenient to carry out the automobile handling stability test.

What are the commonly used equipment for detecting the steering stability of a car? The above is a detailed introduction by the editor of Naiou for everyone. I hope it can be helpful to you. Under normal circumstances, the above equipment and instruments will be used in combination to form a complete automobile handling stability test system when conducting automobile handling and stability testing, which can greatly shorten the test time and improve the accuracy of the detection. Luoyang Naiou Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of automobile performance test systems. Its main products include automobile handling stability test systems and related equipment and sensors, which can be found on our website if necessary. Leave a message, or call the customer service number for detailed consultation.

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