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How to use the five wheel instrument? Use method and main test content

Time:2021-05-08 11:12:32 Hits:363 From:Luoyang Naiou Electric Co., Ltd.
  In the process of vehicle performance testing, the five-wheel instrument is a very commonly used performance testing instrument. It uses the MSI computer as the core. It can be used to test the power performance, economic performance, and handling performance of the vehicle. It can not only complete a certain Item data monitoring can also detect comprehensive data. How to use the five-wheel instrument? The following editor of Naiou organizes the usage method and main inspection contents of the five-wheel instrument for your reference.

  1. How to use the five-wheel instrument

  The five-wheel instrument is mainly installed at the appropriate position on the rear or side of the car. It uses a small wheel to touch the road surface. The specific method of use is as follows:

  1. Install the four sensors on the fixture according to the positions corresponding to the five-wheel instrument. Connect the communication cable and the corner plate cable. After aligning the arrow on the cable plug with the arrow mark on the socket, you can insert it directly.
  2. The difference between the four cables is just the length. Two 6.5-meter cables are used to connect the five-wheel instrument and the sensors on the two front wheels, and the two 4.5-meter cables are the front and rear sensors. Are connected to each other.

  3. There are 3 sockets on each sensor, the top two are exactly the same, the bottom one is used to connect the corner plate. After the cables are connected, remove the fixing pins on the corner plate and the rear sliding plate, and lift the vehicle to a safe lock position at the bottom of the lift to ensure that the lifting platform is in a horizontal state.

  4. The five-wheel instrument is turned on, the power indicator on the sensor is on, press the R key or the corresponding position key to activate each sensor, put the sensor on the level and tighten the fixed knob, the horizontal bubble is in the approximate center.

  2. The main inspection content of Wulunyi

  1. Coasting test: coasting initial speed, coasting distance, and coasting time.

  2. Braking test: initial braking speed, braking distance, braking time, maximum deceleration, average deceleration, average deceleration fully issued.
Five wheel instrument
  3. Vehicle speed test: test distance, test time, average vehicle speed, minimum stable vehicle speed, maximum stable vehicle speed.

  4. Acceleration test: acceleration distance, acceleration time, acceleration end speed and speed, distance and time at the beginning and end of shifting.

  5. Comprehensive test: Two kinds of start conditions, four kinds of end conditions, flexibly combined into eight test methods, can complete a variety of road tests.

  Regarding how to use the five-wheel instrument, the above is the usage method compiled by Naiou editor for everyone. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. It is not difficult to see that the detection content of the five-wheel instrument is relatively comprehensive, but it should be noted that when using the five-wheel instrument to test the performance of the car, lubricating oil should be applied to the five-wheel axle of the sensor to avoid wear. Luoyang Naiou Electric Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise that mainly produces vehicle performance test system equipment. The products can greatly reduce the development cost of carrier equipment and shorten the development cycle of carrier equipment. If necessary, you can leave a message on our website or call Customer service phone for detailed consultation.
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