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What are the characteristics of a complete road test microcomputer test system?

Time:2021-05-08 10:54:14 Hits:380 From:Luoyang Naiou Electric Co., Ltd.

  The use of notebook microcomputers in automobile road tests has become widespread. It is a very common solution to configure a test system with a suitable data collector or communication-type digital sensor with a notebook microcomputer as the core. What are the characteristics of a complete road test microcomputer test system? We together look.

  1. The advantages and disadvantages of a notebook computer as a data display

  The advantages of the notebook computer as a data display and recording device are large display area, flexible display mode, rich display information, fast speed, large storage capacity, and flexible expansion; the disadvantage is that the keyboard and mouse of general-purpose notebook computers are not suitable for use in dynamic environments of vehicles Especially in the handling and stability test, the vehicle itself is doing a lot of movement. It is not an easy task for the experimenter to observe the data and operate the mouse or keyboard under such a dynamic load. Therefore, a good human-machine interface is a necessary means to reduce the labor intensity of testers. The design of on-board software must fully consider the feelings of operators. Only software designers who have personally experienced long-term automotive tests can truly appreciate the hard work of testers. Operational requirements.

  Road test computer test system scene

  2. The characteristics of the road test microcomputer test system

The PCM series of vehicle-mounted data acquisition software for the road test microcomputer test system designed by us is based on long-term personal tests and an in-depth understanding of test standards and test methods. This product has the following characteristics:

(1) The important parameters that the testers are concerned about are high-contrast display schemes instead of just considering the aesthetics of the display interface;

(2) The road test microcomputer test system has designed different acquisition software according to different test items to ensure that all test operations can be completed with one key (all using the space bar), without using the mouse or other buttons;

(3) Intelligent naming of test data file names. For multiple tests, you only need to type in the file name when the second test is completed, and subsequent tests will be named automatically, which greatly reduces the number of keystrokes of the tester;

(4) Have complete data processing capabilities. Some test data require complex processing and software support, such as handling stability test (7 items), ride comfort test (random input, pulse input). It is a painful thing to not have a complete processing software. In addition to the easy-to-operate data acquisition software, the PCM series of road test microcomputer test system instruments we developed are also equipped with data processing software that meets the new standard, which can quickly generate all graphics, tables, etc. that meet the standard, and support direct pasting to the test In the report, the labor intensity of test data processing personnel can be greatly reduced, and the writing cycle of test reports can be shortened.

  Based on the above, a complete set of road test microcomputer test system features should have high contrast of important parameters, complete data processing capabilities, etc., in order to create value for us and make our work more efficient. Luoyang Naiou Electric focuses on research, Design and manufacture automobile road test equipment products. If you want to know more about it, you can call us and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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