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What is the difference between a vehicle-mounted data collector and an ordinary data collector?

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In modern work and life, the application of data collectors is very common. First, it adapts to the environment, and second, it can automatically transmit, which invisibly improves our work efficiency and collects data more comprehensively. Data collectors can be applied to In many industries, however, there is a kind of collector—vehicle data collector, which is different from ordinary data collector. So what is the difference between an automobile data collector and an ordinary data collector? We together look.

  1.the two have different requirements for the power supply voltage range

Ordinary data collectors are generally powered by AC 220V, and a few are powered by DC 12V or 24V, but generally require power supply voltage fluctuations of less than 20%, that is to say, for example, DC 12V power supply products, the small power supply voltage is 9.6V, and the large power supply voltage It is 14.4V, otherwise it will not work or even be damaged.

Vehicle-mounted data collectors require a wide power supply. For example, a 12V data collector can have a low power supply voltage of 6V and a high of 30V, which is much larger than the power supply voltage range of ordinary data collectors.

  2. The two have different requirements for power quality

  Due to the interference of generators, starters, various relays, high-voltage ignition, etc., the power supply system of automobiles has various interference sources. Ordinary data collectors often cannot withstand these impacts and interferences, so they cannot work or even be damaged; while on-board data acquisition The power supply circuit has been specially treated by the device, which can withstand these interferences.

  Car data collector application scenarios

  3. the mechanical and circuit structure design of the two are different

  In the absence of a standard road surface, the case of ordinary data collectors generally does not consider the problem of shock resistance. All mechanical connections must be reliable and loose for vehicle data collection, otherwise as the use time increases, instrument problems caused by mechanical failures will emerge endlessly.

  4.the reliability requirements for various connectors are different

  Ordinary data collectors are generally used in a fixed state, and there is no vibration problem, while vehicle-mounted data collectors are used in a vibrating environment and are frequently plugged and unplugged. Therefore, the reliability and durability of the connection must be considered.

After reading the above detailed introduction of the difference between the on-board data collector and the ordinary data collector, I must have learned a lot, and it is more conducive to our better choice of products. Luoyang Naiou Electric has been focusing on research, design and manufacturing for many years. Automobile road testing equipment products, mainly produce a series of testing equipment for automobile acceleration performance, fuel economy performance, braking performance, ABS performance, handling stability performance and smooth performance. For details, please call us and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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