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How to choose the equipment for the vehicle ride comfort test system? Which points should I pay attention to?

Time:2021-05-08 10:51:36 Hits:372 From:Luoyang Naiou Electric Co., Ltd.

We all know that when a car is driving, it will encounter a rough and uneven road, and the bumps and bumps of the road will arouse the vibration of the car. When this vibration is too large, it will make the passengers feel very uncomfortable, or the vehicle will be carried. If the goods are damaged, this is the problem of vehicle ride comfort. The main function of the vehicle ride comfort test system equipment on the market is to detect the vibration parameters of the overall vehicle through the sensor when the vehicle is moving at a fixed speed. And perform data analysis, which is used to evaluate the ride comfort of the vehicle. So how do we purchase vehicle ride comfort test system equipment? Which points should I pay attention to? Next, let's take a look together

  1. Meet the new ride comfort test standard

  Since the new car ride comfort test has many special requirements, the special test equipment that meets the old standard can no longer be applied to the new standard. When purchasing, it is necessary to figure out whether it meets the new ride comfort test standard GB/T4970-2009, otherwise it will be given. Your use causes great inconvenience.

  2. Simple data collection and data processing operation functions

  Due to the many test channels required by the new standard and different data processing methods for different measuring points, it is possible to process data on general-purpose vibration processing equipment, but it is very troublesome and inefficient. It is conservatively estimated that one person may not be able to complete the test data of a car in one day. The car ride comfort test system developed by us not only supports the new standard, but also has the function of “one-key processing” of test data (for random input). A test data can be completed within a few seconds, and the data processing efficiency is high. Support the analysis of the intermediate results of the data.

 3. Support pulse input test box data processing

  In the absence of a standard road surface, the ride comfort test pulse input is a better way to study the performance of the suspension. Because the pulse input test requires the test data to be weighted in the frequency domain and then processed in the time domain, this is a less common practice. Process, the data processing software we designed has the function of multi-segment filtering of time-domain data, which can easily process impulse test data.

Application Scenarios of Vehicle Ride Comfort Test System

  4.the data collector has an anti-aliasing filter

  According to the sampling theorem, the front end of the data collector must be equipped with a hardware anti-aliasing filter. Our data collector has a built-in eight-order digital adjustable filter, which makes the data collector not only suitable for automobile ride comfort data collection, but also suitable for other Vibration signal collection occasions.

  5. It has the functions required by other vibration tests and is easy to use

  Generally speaking, when we purchase a set of instruments, we always want to have as many functions as possible on the premise of satisfying the basic functional requirements, and at the same time simple operation. As an instrument developer, we must solve the ease of use and The contradiction between functional diversity. The automobile ride comfort test system developed by us can not only simply complete the ride comfort test and data processing that meets national standards, but also complete other conventional vibration measurement and analysis, and support separate storage of different test environments, as long as different configuration information is called It can automatically complete the setting of various parameters of the instrument, avoiding the trouble of setting parameters each time and the test failure caused by parameter setting errors when doing different tests. The contradiction between practicability and functional diversity of the instrument is well resolved.

  Through the above detailed instructions on how to purchase the vehicle ride comfort test system equipment, I must have a good idea of how to buy the product. At present, the new standard for vehicle ride comfort test is GB/T4970-2009, which is similar to the old standard. Compared with, it requires more measurement points and more complicated data processing. Therefore, we still need to pay attention to the above points when purchasing instruments, in order to better purchase vehicle driving comfort test system equipment, which will bring convenience to our work. Luoyang Naiou Electric has been focusing on researching, designing and manufacturing automobile road test instrument products for many years, mainly producing serialized automobile acceleration performance, fuel economy performance, braking performance, ABS performance, handling stability performance and smooth performance testing equipment. To learn more, please call us.

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