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How to choose an electronic gyroscope? Detailed purchase precautions

Time:2021-05-08 10:51:14 Hits:373 From:Luoyang Naiou Electric Co., Ltd.

Electronic gyroscope is an indispensable instrument for automobile handling and stability test. Gyroscope is commonly called, and the accurate name should be heading and attitude measurement system. This product can mainly obtain the three-dimensional acceleration, three-dimensional angular velocity and three-dimensional angle of the vehicle. So how do we choose an electronic gyroscope? Naiou Xiaobian will take everyone to take a look at the precautions when purchasing.

  1. Electronic gyroscope measurement accuracy

  The measurement of acceleration and angular velocity is not a problem now. There are many ready-made measurement chips, which can meet the accuracy requirements of the automobile stability test. The difficulty is the angle measurement. The angle measurement here refers to the dynamic angle measurement, that is, the angle is measured in the presence of acceleration interference. Since the existing angle sensor is essentially an acceleration sensor, the angle is measured according to the component of the acceleration of gravity, such as vehicle turning, vibration, etc. The additional acceleration will seriously affect the dynamic angle measurement accuracy of the gyroscope.

  Therefore, when choosing an electronic gyroscope, pay special attention to the dynamic index of its angle measurement. The static index can easily achieve 0.05° or even 0.001°, but it is very difficult to achieve a dynamic angle of 0.1°, which can achieve a dynamic angle of 0.1°. The price of precision gyroscopes is basically above 200,000 yuan.

Electronic gyroscope

  2. The measurement accuracy is guaranteed under the steady-state rotation test conditions of the gyroscope

  There is also a particularly important one, that is whether the electronic gyroscope can accurately measure the angle under the interference of stable acceleration. This is precisely the case of the steady-state rotation test. Many electronic gyroscopes can ensure the accuracy of the angle measurement when the instantaneous acceleration is disturbed. , But in the case of stable acceleration interference like steady-state rotation, there is nothing you can do, and there will be big errors.

  The above is the relevant instructions of how to choose electronic gyroscopes organized by the editor. As mentioned in the comprehensive article, we should pay attention to when purchasing electronic gyroscopes:

  (1) Focus on the dynamic inclination measurement accuracy of the electronic gyroscope, not the static inclination measurement accuracy;

  (2) Whether the electronic gyroscope can guarantee the measurement accuracy of dynamic inclination under steady-state rotation test conditions.

  Two important points have been determined. I think everyone can buy high-quality electronic gyroscopes. Luoyang Naiou Electric has been focusing on researching, designing and manufacturing automobile road test instruments for many years. The vehicle handling stability test system developed by our company The supporting electronic gyroscope is selected after many tests, it is more suitable for vehicle test, and it is cost-effective. If you want to know more about it, you can call us.

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