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The lateral stability test system was launched on the market

Time:2021-05-08 10:50:35 Hits:383 From:Luoyang Naiou Electric Co., Ltd.

After 12 months of hard work, our company successfully developed the special testing equipment VEM-1178 for lateral stability according to the standards JTT1178.1 and JTT1178.2 of the Ministry of Transport, and conducted indoor tests and on-site vehicle tests on the entire equipment. The test results show that the system is convenient and efficient to operate, can automatically process data in real time, and get the test results immediately, which is especially suitable for use in the test field; the test data is accurate and the installation is simple; it supports simultaneous access of dual gyroscopes, and the interface and communication protocol are compatible with Oxford gyros , Australian gyroscope, American gyroscope and other gyroscopes, which can complete anti-rollover stability test, snake test, steady-state rotation test, trailer rear amplification factor and swing test, and other tests that take into account handling stability, such as Steering wheel angle step input test, steering wheel angle pulse input test, steering wheel center area test, steering lightness test, steering return test.

The lateral stability test system was launched on the market
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