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Three-axis cushion vibration acceleration sensor

Three-axis cushion vibration acceleration sensor
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When a car is driving, uneven road surfaces and rotating parts such as the engine, drive train, and wheels will excite the car's vibration. In order to evaluate the comfort of occupants, NE has specially integrated several IEPE three-axis cushion vibration acceleration sensors. The products have the characteristics of high accuracy, low impedance, high signal-to-noise ratio, and low cost of supporting equipment. They are ideal for measuring vibration in the field of vehicle testing. product.

Main feature:

●Easy to install and easy to use

●It can be directly connected to a data collector with a built-in constant current source

●Low noise, high level, low impedance output, strong anti-interference ability, can transmit signals through long cables without causing noise increase

356A16 SD1410
Origin American PCB Hebei china
Range ±10g pk ±10g pk
Sensitivity 100 mV/g 100 mV/g
Frequency Range 0.5~1,000 Hz 0.5~10,000 Hz
Resonant frequency ≥27 kHz ≥30 kHz
In-band resolution (1 to 10,000 Hz) 0.0002g rms 0.0002g rms
Non-linear ≤1% ≤1%
Overload limit (impact) ±7000g pk ±7000g pk
Operating temperature -10~+50 ℃ -10~+50 ℃
Excitation voltage 6.5~30 VDC 12~30 VDC
Excitation current 0.3~10 mA 0.3~10 mA
Output impedance ≤500 Ω ≤500 Ω
Output bias 8~12 VDC 8~12 VDC
Signal line length 3m, can be customized 3m, can be customized
Dimensions φ×H 200mm×12mm (imported) 200mm×17.5mm (domestic)
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