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Brake pressure sensor

Brake pressure sensor
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Braking is directly related to traffic safety. Since January 1, 1988, China has stipulated that all cars must use a dual-circuit braking system. In order to measure the air pressure change of the brake system, the response time of the brake system, and evaluate the performance of safety equipment such as ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) and ESP (Electronic Stability System) onboard, NE specially developed a model named CYYZ11 -The HK-19 brake pressure sensor uses an OEM pressure sensor with a stainless steel isolation diaphragm as the signal measurement element, and has been automatically tested by a computer. The laser resistance trimming process is used for zero point and sensitivity temperature compensation in a wide temperature range. It has the advantages of strong anti-interference and impact resistance, and high measurement accuracy. The whole component is made of 304/316 stainless steel, and the structure is small and compact. It is an ideal pressure measurement sensor in the field of vehicle testing.

Main feature:

●Easy to disassemble

●Adopt diaphragm isolation technology

●Integrated chip

●Strong anti-interference ability, anti-lightning strike

●Multiple protection measures: current limit protection, voltage limit protection, reverse connection protection

●Small size, light weight, high precision, low temperature drift, fast response speed, impact resistance

●Strong versatility: It can be adapted to mainstream models on the market and accept customization by adapting the through nut

Measuring medium Liquid or gas
Range 20MPa (hydraulic brake) or 1.6MPa (air brake)
Output 1-5V (or 0-5V)
Interface M10*1 (can be customized)
Supply voltage 9-36VDC
Precision 0.25%FS
Working conditions Medium temperature -40℃~85℃, ambient temperature -40℃~85℃, ambient humidity 0%~95%RH (no condensation, no frosting)
Overall material Shell: 304 stainless steel; seal: nitrile rubber
Anti-vibration performance 10g(20~2000Hz)
Response frequency 500Hz
Stability ±0.1%FS/year
Temperature drift ±0.01%FS/℃ (within temperature compensation range)
Overload capacity 200% full scale
Line length 8 meters
Weight About 174g (without cable)
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