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Wheel speed sensor

Wheel speed sensor
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Under conditions such as rapid start of the vehicle, emergency braking and turning, the vehicle speed and wheel speed may be inconsistent or the wheel speeds of different wheels may not be synchronized. In order to assess the vehicle’s ABS (anti-lock braking system), AEB-CCR ( For the performance of safety equipment such as automatic emergency braking system), EBA (emergency braking assist system), CSC (curve speed control system), NE has specially developed the NE-WS1000 wheel speed sensor, which has high measurement accuracy and strong versatility. , It is equipped with a variety of transition devices for docking with the wheels of mainstream vehicles. This type of sensor provides the possibility to quantify the rotation speed of the wheel with high precision.

Main feature:

●Small size and compact structure.

●High precision, output 1000 pulses per revolution.

●The rotating shaft is made of stainless steel, and the dynamic seal is adopted between the rotating shaft and the sensor housing. The waterproof level is high, and it can be tested on rainy roads.

●Strong versatility: the adapter device adapts to the wheels of various car models, and the transition disc adopts a multi-angle hollow design.

●Easy to assemble and unload: It adopts a well-designed transition device between the sensor and the wheel under test. For example, the transition adapter plate adopts a circular pit scale design, which is convenient to quickly locate and transfer the magnetic column position. Or directly extend the transition nut column directly on the original wheel of the car, which greatly shortens the disassembly time and improves the efficiency of the test and the accuracy of the coaxial assembly.

●Strong anti-interference ability: The signal transmission line adopts high-quality cables with good flexibility and good bending resistance with shielding layer to shield electromagnetic interference.


Supply voltage 5-24VDC, current 20mA
Number of pulses per revolution 1000
Allowable maximum speed 6000rpm
Signal output Double pulse output
Protection design Waterproof and anti-loose design
Install the adapter Transition disc, transition adapter plate, transition bracket (optional, can be customized)
Suitable models Cars, buses, trucks
Positioning rod length 600mmx2
Adsorption method Vacuum chuck or strong magnet
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