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Pedal displacement sensor

Pedal displacement sensor
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Driving comfort is related to the competitiveness of the vehicle in the sales market, and pedal displacement is an important part of the driver's driving comfort. A pedal displacement that is too long or too short will cause unnatural driving experience. In order to quantify the pedal displacement, NE has specially customized a pedal displacement sensor, which is easy to install and has high test accuracy, which makes it possible to quantify the pedal feeling.

Main feature:

●High precision

●Adapt to the pedal structure of mainstream models on the market

●Stable and reliable connection

●Long life

●Small size, light weight, easy to disassemble

●Strong anti-interference: The signal transmission line adopts high-quality cables with good flexibility and good bending resistance with shielding layer to shield electromagnetic interference.

Technical indicators of pedal displacement sensor

Range 0-800mm
Precision ±0.05%FS
Resolution 0.1mm
Maximum reciprocating speed 1000mm/s
Supply voltage 5~30VDC
Signal output Quadrature AB signal, TTL level

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