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Handbrake force sensor

Handbrake force sensor
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The handbrake force sensor is specially designed for the field of automobile testing. A moderate handbrake force is related to the driver's feeling when parking the vehicle, and a suitable handbrake force can effectively extend the life of the hand-held wire rope and the service life of the return spring. In order to quantify the size of the handbrake force, NE specially developed the NE-HF980 handbrake force sensor. The sensor is easy to install and operate, light in weight, and small in size. The sensor handle adopts an ergonomic design and is covered with sponge to improve the grip.

Range 980N
Sensitivity 2.0mV/V
Comprehensive accuracy ±0.3% FS
Excitation voltage recommend 10VDC, maximum 15VDC
Bridge impedance 350Ω
Insulation resistance 5000MΩ
Operating temperature -20~70℃
Safety overload 150%
Lead wire length 2.5m, can be customized
Sealing grade IP67

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