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Power consumption meter

Power consumption meter
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In the new energy electric vehicle power battery and motor development and testing stage, it is necessary to detect the current and voltage changes of the energy feedback of the motor and the energy output of the power battery in real time. Naiou Electric has specially developed a data collector with a high-performance microprocessor as the core that can collect single-channel voltage, current, instantaneous power and electric energy consumption. The electric consumption meter is easy to operate, rich in communication interfaces, and supports analog data. Voltage output, with a bright and ultra-wide viewing angle OLED display, is an ideal equipment for power consumption testing of new energy electric vehicles.

Main feature:

●It can be used to test the power consumption of new energy vehicles

●Can collect single-channel voltage, current, instantaneous power, electric energy consumption

●High-speed data acquisition

●Support energy output and energy feedback detection

●Abundant communication interfaces: support RS232, CAN bus

●Support analog voltage output

●Power consumption can be set to zero at any time

●Low power consumption, high brightness, high contrast, ultra-wide viewing angle OLED display, visible in sunlight


NE-620 power consumption meter technical indicators
Dimensions 13.1cm(L)*13.04cm(W)*5.7cm(H)
Weight About 578g
Voltage measurement Range: 0~1000VDC; accuracy: ±0.2%; resolution: 0.01V
Current measurement Range: ±500ADC; accuracy: ±1.0%; resolution: 0.01A
Energy measurement Range: 0~500kWh; accuracy: ±1.0%; resolution: 10Wh
Electric power measurement Range: 0~500kW; accuracy: ±1.0%; resolution: 0.01kW
Adapt to the model New Energy Vehicle
Energy output signal Single pulse or quadrature dual pulse output, TTL square wave
Voltage output signal 0~5V
Voltage output signal 0~5V
Operating Voltage 12V or 24VDC
Operating temperature -10°C~+60°C
Display function Use wide-temperature and high-brightness OLED to display energy, power, current, and voltage
Communication Interface RS232, CAN

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