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PCM-2532 data collector

PCM-2532 data collector
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PCM-2532 data collector is mainly used for the test of vehicle vibration signal, especially suitable for vehicle ride comfort test (random input and pulse input), in line with the national standard GB4970-2009 car ride comfort test standard and data processing standard. It can also be used for vehicle suspension natural frequency test, damping ratio test and other ordinary vibration analysis, and supports noise test (optional).

●Main Features

PCM-2532 data collector built-in IEPE measurement circuit

Hardware anti-aliasing filter

PCM-2532 data collector can be equipped with GPS speed measurement module, which can automatically record vehicle speed under working conditions

Built-in hardware programmable amplifier, suitable for a wide range of signal changes

Externally expandable multi-channel, pressure, temperature and other signal measurement

●Measurement parameters

Vehicle speed (with optional GPS speed measurement module), vibration acceleration, etc.

PCM-2532 data collector technical indicators

total number of channels 32CH
AD accuracy 16 bits (resolution 1/65536)
Sampling frequency 250ksps
program-controlled amplifier A total of 4 levels of 1, 2, 4, 8 are programmable
pseudo-synchronization, continuous sampling support
Any channel trigger mode Support high level, low level, rising edge, falling edge trigger, trigger voltage can be set
External trigger Support synchronization and tracking
General signal input interface 22CH, signal range ±5V, gold-plated BNC socket
Sensor interface 9CH, imported socket
Built-in hardware anti-aliasing filter 9CH, 8-order Butterworth filter
Built-in ICP sensor amplifier 9CH, can be directly connected to IEPE vibration sensor or microphone
Host interface USB /Network port
Power input 12VDC (7~30V wide voltage)
Power consumption About 12W
Outline size LWH 250x165x53mm
weight about 1620g
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