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PCM-2731 data collector

PCM-2731 data collector
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PCM-2731 data collector is mainly used for the collection and transmission of automobile handling stability test data. It can complete steady-state rotation test, steering portability test, steering return test, steering wheel angle step input test, and steering wheel in accordance with the requirements of national standards. Angular pulse input test, snake test, steering wheel center area test, steady state circle test.

●Main Features

PCM-2731 data collector wide voltage input, with anti-reverse connection protection

PCM-2731 data collector adopts the working mode of data collector + notebook computer + driver multi-parameter display

The structure is compact, which can be directly connected to the force measuring steering wheel and electronic gyroscope to complete the car handling stability test

●Measurement parameters

Vehicle speed, lateral acceleration, forward acceleration, yaw rate, body roll angle, body pitch angle, steering wheel angle, steering wheel torque.

PCM-2731 data collectorTechnical indicators

Speed Range: 0-720km/h; accuracy: ±0.1 km/h; resolution: 0.01 km/h
Time Range: unlimited; accuracy: ±10ms
Data update rate 1~100Hz
RS232/CAN 1CH, used for function expansion, can be connected with GPS module
RS232/422 3CH, with 12VDC power supply, directly connected to gyroscope, steering wheel, driver multi-parameter display
USB host interface 1CH, used to communicate with PC
USB slave interface 1CH, used to connect other USB devices
power input 12VDC (7~30V wide voltage)
Power consumption About 6W
Indicator light Communication status and power indication
Dimensions LWH 172x89x40mm
Weight About 586g

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