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PCM-6851A data collector

PCM-6851A data collector
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PCM-6851A data collector is a new generation of virtual instrument based on notebook microcomputer. It adopts technology and has built-in GPS speed measurement module. It covers all the functions of automobile tester. It can communicate with notebook microcomputer through USB port to complete automobile power performance testing and manufacturing. Dynamic performance test, traction performance test, fuel consumption test, coasting test, speedometer calibration, steep climbing test, ABS test and other automobile road tests that meet national standards, using vehicle-mounted thick aluminum alloy chassis and imported original connection sockets, which have a high Reliability.

●Main Features

Using microcontroller + FPGA architecture, hardware trigger logic, reducing the delay to a small

Using high-precision hardware speed measurement method, the minimum speed measurement cycle is 1ms

The access signal of the fuel consumption test interface is a quadrature TTL double pulse signal, which has the function of anti-reverse jitter

The data collector has built-in AD converter, multi-channel forward and reverse counters and high-performance microprocessor. The synchronous measurement logic is constructed by a large-scale gate array, and the test accuracy is high.

●Measurement parameters

Vehicle speed, time, distance, fuel consumption, MFDD, pedal force, pedal displacement, brake line pressure, traction force, engine speed, wheel speed, instantaneous speed, instantaneous slip (slip) rate, average speed, average slip (slip) Shift) rate and so on.

PCM-6851A data collector technical indicators


Range: 0-720km/h; accuracy: ±0.1 km/h; resolution: 0.01 km/h

Time Range: 1100h; Accuracy: ±1ms; Resolution: 1ms
Distance Range: 15000km; Accuracy: ±2cm; Resolution: 4mm
Data update rate 1~100Hz
GPS update frequency 10Hz, 20Hz, 100Hz optional
Analog input 8CH, 1 channel built-in amplifier circuit and excitation voltage, can be directly connected to strain signal
Other 7-channel input signal range ±5V
Frequency input 6CH, built-in sensor power supply, can be directly connected to wheel speed sensor
Speed channel 1CH, built-in high-precision measurement GPS/BD speed measurement module
Engine speed 1CH, built-in sensor power supply, can be connected to pulse output speed sensor
Fuel consumption channel 1CH, built-in sensor power supply, can be connected to a fuel consumption meter with double pulse output
Digital trigger 2CH, can be connected with brake trigger switch and external inspection synchronization signal
RS232/CAN 1CH, used for function expansion
USB interface 1CH, used to communicate with PC
power input 12VDC (7~30V wide voltage)
Power consumption About 12W
Dimensions LWH 251x200x55mm (including anti-collision protection)
Weight About 1920g

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