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Gas meter

Gas meter
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The gas consumption meter adopts the Coriolis sensor of American Micro Motion company, which can continuously measure the instantaneous flow and cumulative consumption of gas with high precision. The mass flow is used as a direct measurement and has nothing to do with temperature, pressure and natural gas composition. It is suitable for various types of engine gas such as LNG and LPG. Consumption measurement, wide range (>100:1), response time <0.1s, supporting our company's GCT-4 tester and accuracy improvement algorithm, can complete GB/T12545 constant velocity gas consumption and comprehensive gas consumption under working conditions Test, can complete JT/T711/719 acceleration, constant speed and idle speed gas consumption test.

Standard configuration:

●1 gas consumption meter

●Installation of trachea: 2 (length customized)

●1 signal line (10m length, customizable)

●1 storage box

DCM-8015 DCM-8125 DCM-8350
Range (kg/h) 0~15 0~125 0~350
Zero drift (kg/h) 0.002 0.027 0.1
Mass flow accuracy% ±0.35 ±0.35 ±0.35
Repeatability% ±0.2 ±0.2 ±0.2
Inlet/outlet connection method 1/4" 1/2" 3/4"
Working voltage (V) 24VDC (12VDC or 220VAC optional)
Working temperature (℃) -40~+60
output signal RS485, 4~20mA (1~5V), Pulse

  • Gas flow meter combination products
    Gas flow meter combination products
    Optional GCT-4 gas consumption tester to complete acceleration, constant speed, idle speed, cycle gas consumption test, record and print.
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