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Brake response time test system

Brake response time test system
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Brake response time test system equipment is used to test the vehicle pneumatic brake system, including the brake response time test of the tractor, the failure of the tractor simulation control pipeline, the sealing test of the motor vehicle brake pipeline, and the trailer brake response time test , Trailer brake release time test. Strictly follow national standards, synchronous data sampling and automatic data processing.

●Test items

Towing vehicle braking response time test

Tractor simulation control pipeline failure

Automobile brake pipeline leak test

Trailer braking response time test

Trailer brake release time test

Meet the national standards: GB12676-2014, GB7258-2017, JT/T1178.1-2018, JT/T1178.2-2019

●Measurement parameters

Towing vehicle energy storage device pressure, control line pressure, energy supply line pressure, brake pedal actuation time;

Trailer brake simulation device energy supply pipeline pressure, air reservoir pressure, control pipeline pressure;

1-5 axis left and right air chamber pressure, a total of 10 measuring points.

●Main Features

Automatically control the action of the air control loop;

Automatic data processing;

Built-in printer, automatic online or offline printing;

Data synchronous sampling, no channel time difference;

Brake response time test system equipment supports simultaneous measurement of 1-5 axis left and right wheels;

can be adapted to various car models;

Quick plug connection, easy to install;

The brake response time test system has an integrated portable design, which can be tested out of the box.

●Brake response time test system software function

has 2 modes of manual test and automatic test

The test results can be given quickly according to the requirements of the test standards

can simultaneously display 5 axle air chamber brake pressure establishment process curve

can display the pressure process curve of the energy supply pipeline during braking

can display pedal displacement curve

With sensor calibration function

With numerical statistics function

Measurement and control host

Pressure tank volume 30±0.2L
Withstand voltage 1.25MPa
Control valve response time ≤2ms
Pressure detection point Standard 16 channels, expandable
Data acquisition channel 16-channel simultaneous sampling, 16-bit precision
Switch signal output channel 4 channels, control solenoid valve
Host Main frequency 1GHz, 7-inch touch screen;
Built-in micro printer, automatically print test results;
Integrated portable structure, compact structure, can be tested out of the box.
working environment Temperature -20~60℃, humidity 10~85% (no condensation);
Supply voltage 24VDC

Pressure sensor

Range 0-1.6MPa
Output 4-20mA
Interface M10*1
powered by 12-30VDC
Precision ±0.25%FS
Line length 8 meters (customizable)

Brake motion sensor

Pedal stroke measurement Range: 0~360°, accuracy ±0.05°;
Pedal speed measurement Range: 0~720°/s, accuracy ±0.1°/s;

  • Brake response time test system configuration
    Brake response time test system configuration

    ●Measurement and control host (BRT-16), built-in gas tank, air control unit, sensor, data acquisition host, printer, etc.

    ●Embedded measurement and control software

    ●Built-in 3 pressure sensors (1.6MPa), 5-10 pressure sensors can be connected externally

    ●Brake motion sensor (NE-PBS)

    ●Matching accessories (cables, pipelines, etc.)

    ●Measuring calibration certificate (paper)

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