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VAT-SPATIAL Vehicle Attitude Test System

VAT-SPATIAL Vehicle Attitude Test System
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Vehicle body roll angle, pitch angle, lateral acceleration, yaw acceleration and other parameters are important physical quantities describing vehicle behavior. These parameters are particularly important in research tests of active safety equipment and passive safety systems such as body stability control systems. Our company has specially developed a body attitude test system for the field of automobile road test. The VAT-SPATIAL vehicle attitude test system has comprehensive data collection, easy installation of equipment, rich host computer software functions, interface layout and user-friendly operation. It is a body attitude test and improvement. Ideal test equipment for vehicle performance, discovery of potential problems, and objective evaluation of vehicle body performance.

●Measurement parameters

car speed

GNSS data

three-axis acceleration

Three-axis angular velocity

roll angle, pitch angle, heading angle

●VAT-SPATIAL vehicle attitude test system software function

The vehicle attitude test system is equipped with special software, which can display the vehicle attitude data on the main interface in the form of real-time curves, and display the satellite status information in the status bar with eye-catching text.

Zero point calibration and coefficient calibration: Users can flexibly carry out zero point calibration and coefficient calibration on the gyroscope according to specific usage conditions.

Data analysis and export: The data recorded to the disk can be viewed and analyzed through special software. Support CSV, EXCEL, TXT file export of multiple data formats, convenient for post-processing and analysis of the collected data.

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