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Serpentine automatic trigger

Serpentine automatic trigger
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The serpentine automatic trigger is mainly used to determine the time when the vehicle enters and exits the effective pile area in the serpentine test. The time to pass the effective pile area in the serpentine test is one of the main parameters, so the time point for the vehicle to enter and leave the effective pile area must be, Using automatic triggering can greatly improve the degree of testing and avoid human errors caused by manual triggering.

The automatic trigger is composed of a transmitting unit, a receiving unit and a wireless data transmission module. The infrared trigger principle is used to detect the entry and exit of the test vehicle. The trigger signal can be transmitted to the test host in real time through the wireless module. The test accuracy is high and the use is convenient.

Main Features

The trigger is fixed by a liftable tripod, which is convenient and quick to use

energy-saving design, which can effectively save energy

The trigger point is consistent and the trigger accuracy is high

The beam has strong anti-interference ability and can be applied to various complex environments

The digital tube displays the received signal strength, which is convenient and quick to debug

The beam cut-off time is adjustable, which can select the appropriate beam cut-off time for any environment

Transceiver unit detection distance 30m-150m optional
Wireless transmission distance 200m
Trigger time Accuracy: ±1ms; Resolution: 1ms
Trigger position 2 or 4 digits
Wireless trigger module main frequency 433MHz
power input Comes with lithium battery, 12VDC
Dimensions LWH 700mmX700mmX70mm
Weight About 1900g
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