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Fuel consumption meter

Fuel consumption meter
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The fuel consumption of a vehicle is related to the actual operating conditions. For example, there is a big difference between the short-term constant velocity measurement and the fuel consumption during actual use. In order to study the fuel consumption under actual working conditions, and then analyze and improve the fuel economy of the vehicle, a high-precision instrument that can reliably record the fuel consumption on the vehicle for a long time is needed.

One of the current methods for measuring fuel consumption is to use a plunger type flow sensor. This type of sensor has a high accuracy (up to 0.5%) at a small flow rate and a wide flow range (0.5-100L/h), but the reliability is poor. The internal plunger of the sensor is easy to jam, and it is impossible to realize the fuel consumption statistics under different working conditions. In order to solve the above problems, NE has developed a variety of high-precision, high-reliability fuel consumption meters suitable for multiple working conditions.

Main feature:

●Imported high-precision elliptical gear flowmeter is adopted, which has high reliability and is not easy to jam.

●Using a large-capacity heat exchange device, the oil return can be fully cooled, which is suitable for diesel engines with high power and large oil return.

●Imported high-precision pressure reducing valve is used to fully stabilize the oil pressure and ensure the accuracy of the test.

●Adopt electronic intelligent precision improvement technology, so that the oval gear flowmeter reaches the measurement accuracy and flow range of the traditional piston flowmeter.

●With quadrature double pulse output function, compatible with traditional fuel consumption meter.

●With RS-232 communication output function, it can be directly connected to a microcomputer or other intelligent equipment to control the metering and zeroing of the fuel consumption meter.

●The gas in the pipeline can be manually removed to improve the test accuracy of the fuel consumption meter.

●With working condition recorder, it can display multiple parameters and continuously record data with U disk.

●It has the function of automatic temperature correction of fuel density.


DCM-4000 KDIF-2200 KDIF-3200
Flow range 0.3~250L/h 0.5~120L/h 0.5~120L/h
measurement accuracy ±0.5% ±0.5% ±0.5%
Flow resolution 0.005ml 0.02ml 0.02ml
Adapt to the model Diesel car Petrol car Diesel car
Fuel consumption output signal Single pulse or quadrature dual pulse output, TTL square wave
Oil temperature detection Range: -50~250℃, accuracy ±0.5℃, output voltage 0~5V
Oil pressure detection Range: 0~1MPa, accuracy ±0.5%, output voltage 0~5V
Maximum circulation flow 380L/h, single pump/double pump can be switched
Oil pump working voltage 24VDC 24VDC 24VDC
Work pressure ≤5 bar ≤5 bar ≤5 bar
Filter Front-end filtration, filtration accuracy 10um, built-in filter element, easy to replace
Operating temperature -10°C~+60°C -10°C~+60°C -10°C~+60°C
Storage temperature -30°C~+85°C -30°C~+85°C -30°C~+85°C
Oil return cooling Built-in plate heat exchanger
Connecting tubing specifications Inner diameter 9.5mm, outer diameter 17mm, single length 4m, pressure resistance 3.5MPa, oil resistance
Protective function Oil pump power supply reverse connection protection and indication, overcurrent protection, over-temperature protection of pump body, power supply overvoltage and undervoltage protection, filter blockage protection
Automatically cut off the oil pump when there is a fault, with the function of displaying the cause of the fault and confirming the fault
Exhaust function Manual exhaust valve Manual exhaust valve Manual exhaust valve
Show Use wide temperature and high brightness OLED to display instantaneous flow, oil temperature and oil pressure
  • Fuel consumption meter application scenarios
    Fuel consumption meter application scenarios

    Products can be used

    Measurement test of consumption limit of operating passenger car

    Fuel consumption measurement test of commercial trucks

    Automobile fuel consumption test

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