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VEM-7R dual antenna RTK test recorder

VEM-7R dual antenna RTK test recorder
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VEM-7R dual-antenna RTK test recorder is a multi-functional vehicle performance test equipment with dual-antenna differential GPS system. It integrates data collection, processing and analysis, and touch display. It has high speed and distance test accuracy, simple operation, and data. It has the advantages of convenient and quick handling, compact structure, and easy to carry. The following tests can be completed in accordance with the requirements of the national standard:

(1) Power performance, economy, braking performance, odometer calibration, steep climbing, traction performance test, etc.;

(2) 7 tests of handling stability specified in GB/T6323-2014;

(3) The steady state circle test, steady state rotation test and serpentine test specified by JTT1178.1-2018;

(4) JTT1178.2-2018 specified steady-state circle, steady-state rotation, serpentine, maximum swing and rear amplification factor test;

(5) Ride comfort test (need to connect vibration measurement module);

(6) Damping ratio and natural frequency test (need to connect vibration measurement module);

(7) ABS test (need to connect frequency module and analog module).

Main feature:

●U disk storage of raw data

●Dual antenna differential GPS test system, high test accuracy

●7-inch industrial touch screen operation, no computer is required during the test

●The start and end of the test have a voice prompt function

●vehicle speed test, GPS update rate optional 20Hz, 100Hz optional

●VEM-7R dual-antenna RTK test recorder performs real-time data processing on site after the end of the test

●The test results are automatically printed on site or printed afterwards (optional micro printer)

●PC software supports importing raw data for analysis and generating test reports

●VEM-7R dual-antenna RTK test recorder automatically triggers and ends the test process, and supports manual operation

●Snake test, support manual trigger and automatic trigger (optional trigger), fast and efficient test

Measurement parameters:

●Vehicle speed, lateral acceleration, forward acceleration, yaw rate, body roll angle, body pitch angle, steering wheel angle, steering wheel torque, distance, fuel consumption, MFDD, pedal force, traction, engine speed, etc.

Speed Range: 0-720km/h; accuracy: ±0.05 km/h; resolution: 0.01 km/h
Time Range: unlimited; accuracy: ±1ms; resolution: 1ms
Distance Range: unlimited; accuracy: ±2cm; resolution: 4mm
Data update rate 1~100Hz
GPS original update frequency 100Hz, dual antenna differential GPS
Analog input 4CH, 24-bit precision, 6-level programmable amplifier, input voltage ±50V
Speed channel 1CH, built-in high-precision measurement GPS/BD speed measurement module
CAN/OBD 2CH, can be directly connected to the vehicle CAN interface to obtain vehicle parameters
Frequency measurement/counting channel 2CH, built-in power supply, support single pulse and quadrature double pulse input
Digital trigger 2CH, can be connected with brake trigger switch and hand operator
RS232 2CH, can connect two gyroscopes at the same time to complete the lateral stability test
Wireless trigger module 1CH, main frequency 433MHz, support snake test 4 position automatic trigger
Micro-printing (optional) Printing paper 50mm
power input 12VDC (7~30V wide voltage)
Power consumption About 12W
Dimensions LWH 227x150x50mm, 301x150x50mm (built-in printer)
Weight About 1990g

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