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Pass-by noise test system

Pass-by noise test system
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The passing noise test system is used to measure the noise outside the vehicle during acceleration. It can meet ECE R51, GB1495-2018 and GB1495-2002 at the same time. The equipment function, range and accuracy can be applied to all models, and the operation is convenient and efficient.

●Test items

Accelerated test: GB1495-2018, GB1495-2002, ECE R51-2015

Uniform speed test: GB1495-2018, GB1495-2002, ECE R51-2015

●Measurement parameters

Vehicle speed, time, distance, acceleration, engine speed, sound level, meteorological parameters (temperature, wind speed).

●Main Features

Support calibration: support sensor calibration, test data management

The parameters can be set: the vehicle length, reference point, trigger distance of the access line, etc. can be set by the noise test system outside the vehicle

Print report: The test system can print the test results on site and generate test reports.

Flexible configuration: Flexible configuration of test plan, you can choose unilateral round-trip test and bilateral round-trip test mode

Easy to operate: the hardware is automatically triggered at the beginning and end of the test, with small delay, voice prompts, and convenient operation

Applicable models: Meet ECE R51 Appendix 10 Method B and GB 1495-2002 Method A to measure the noise outside the vehicle during acceleration, applicable to all models

Laser trigger: laser trigger sensor trigger, stable and reliable; RTK base station can also be configured, automatic position trigger, no laser trigger sensor is required

Real-time measurement: real-time measurement and calculation of sound pressure level, vehicle speed, engine speed, acceleration time, acceleration distance, average acceleration of the test area and other signals

Support optional: optional environmental temperature, surface temperature sensor and wind speed sensor, etc., real-time weather data measurement

Speed 100Hz GPS, speed measurement range 0-720km/h, speed measurement accuracy: ±0.1km/h, resolution 0.01 km/h
Time Range: unlimited, accuracy: 1ms
Engine speed Range 0~30KHz, measurement accuracy: ±5Hz
Built-in printer Test results can be printed online in real time or afterwards
Wireless data transmission Transmission distance 800m
Sound level meter Range: 22~140dB, accuracy: level 1
Measuring frequency: 10Hz~20KHz, sampling frequency: 48KHz, 24-bit AD
Support A, C, Z frequency weighting, Fast, Slow, Impulse time weighting
Calibrator Accuracy level 1, 94dB/114dB, 1kHz
Data update rate 20~1000Hz, can be set by the host
Temperature measurement Range: -50℃~150℃, accuracy: ±0.5℃
Wind speed measurement Range: 0.4~35m/s, resolution: 0.2m/s, accuracy: ±2%
Ground measurement equipment power supply 12V lithium battery pack power supply, continuous use time ≥60h after fully charged
Power supply for vehicle equipment 12VDC (9~36V wide voltage)
12.3 inch touch screen WIN10 operating system, memory 4GB, solid state hard drive 128GB
  • External noise test system configuration
    External noise test system configuration

    ●System host: NE-PBN51

    ●Data processing display: 12.3 inches

    ●Engine speed sensor: user choice

    ●Laser trigger sensor: NE-D50NK, 1

    ●Handheld Communicator: HS-1

    ●Wireless data transmission module: NE-RA24G

    ●Sound level meter (level 1): user choice

    ●Acoustic calibrator (level 1): user choice

    ●Sound level data acquisition module: NE-AD4

    ●Tripod: hydraulic buffer

    ●Temperature sensor: PT100

    ●Wind speed sensor: AZ-8901

    ●Laser reflector: TD-120

    ●Lithium battery pack: 12V

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