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Lateral stability test system

Lateral stability test system
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In order to further improve the lateral stability and operational safety of road vehicles, heavy commercial vehicle trains and articulated passenger cars, effectively curb and reduce road transportation safety accidents caused by insufficient safety performance of the vehicles themselves. Our company has specially developed a set of lateral stability test system. The system has powerful data collection and analysis functions, automatic data classification management, easy installation of equipment, humanized software and hardware operation, and supports rapid generation of test reports. This system is a commercial truck Ideal product for safety testing.

Pilot projects

●7 tests of handling stability specified in GB/T6323-2014

● JTT1178.1-2018 specified steady state circle test, steady state rotation test and serpentine test

The steady-state circle, steady-state rotation, serpentine, maximum swing and rear magnification factor test specified by JTT1178.2-2018

Measurement parameters

●vehicle speed

●Roll angle

●Understeer of the towing vehicle

●The peak average yaw rate of towing trucks (single vehicle state) and towing vehicles (train state)

●Lateral acceleration at the center of mass of the towing truck (single vehicle state) and the towing vehicle (train state)

The maximum swing amplitude of the center of the rear axle of the trailer relative to the center of the front axle of the towing vehicle

●Lateral acceleration rear magnification factor

Main feature

★Powerful data collection and analysis functions

★With GPS speed measurement module, it can automatically record vehicle speed under working conditions

★Automatic data classification management

★Quickly generate test report

★Display parameters and curves can be flexibly set

★The LCD screen supports touch operation

System software function

●Raw data digital display function

●Raw data data curve display function

●Raw data data recording and export function

●Calculation of rear magnification factor

●Calculation of the swing amplitude of the front and rear axis

Roll angle It is related to the selected electronic gyroscope brand, see related sensors for details
Lateral acceleration It is related to the selected electronic gyroscope brand, see related sensors for details
Steering wheel torque range Range: ±20Nm, ±50Nm, ±100Nm, ±150Nm, ±200Nm, 250Nm (customizable)
Steering wheel angle range Unlimited (digital output); ±1500° (voltage output)
Steering wheel torque accuracy 0.01Nm
Steering wheel angle accuracy 0.05°
  • Lateral stability test system configuration
    Lateral stability test system configuration

    ●VEM-1178 test host

    ●Steering wheel torque and angle sensor

    ●Electronic Gyroscope

    ●Snake-shaped automatic trigger

    ●Driver multi-parameter display

    ●VEM vehicle dynamic performance test data processing software

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