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ABS/ASR test system

ABS/ASR test system
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The ABS/ASR test system is mainly composed of a PCM-6851A data collector, wheel speed sensor, pedal force sensor, pressure sensor, flexible pedal switch, etc., based on a notebook computer intelligent special test platform, which can complete compliance with the national standard GB/T13594- The ABS performance test required by 2003, the supporting software is intelligent and flexible, and the test results are output in a variety of ways, such as tables, curves, and raw data, so that users can quickly form test reports.

Pilot projects

●Automobile ABS performance test

Measurement parameters

●Vehicle speed, time, braking distance, MFDD, pedal force, brake line pressure, instantaneous wheel speed, slip rate, slip rate, wheel lock time, etc.

Main feature

●Automatic classification management of test data of ABS/ASR test system

●ABS/ASR test system supports rapid test report generation

●The display parameters and curves of the ABS/ASR test system can be flexibly configured

●Meet the new national and international test standards

●Using high-precision hardware speed measurement method, the minimum speed measurement cycle is 1ms

●Data collector + notebook computer + driver multi-parameter display common mode

●The data collector uses a microcontroller + FPGA architecture, hardware trigger logic, and reduces latency

●Full consideration of vehicle vibration operating conditions, one-button operation, support for voice prompts

Speed Range: 0-720km/h; accuracy: ±0.1 km/h; resolution: 0.01 km/h
Time Range: unlimited; accuracy: ±1ms; resolution: 1ms
Distance Range: unlimited; accuracy: ±2cm; resolution: 4mm
Data update rate 1~100Hz
GPS original update frequency 20Hz, 100Hz optional
Wheel speed sensor 1000P pulse per revolution, dynamic sealing, including mounting bracket
Pressure Sensor Range: 20MPa (or 1.6MPa); accuracy: ±0.25%FS; installation thread M10x1
Pedal force sensor Range: 1200N; Accuracy: ±0.3%FS
  • ABS/ASR tester system configuration
    ABS/ASR tester system configuration

    ●PCM-6851A data collector

    ●Wheel Speed Sensor

    ●Pedal force sensor

    ●Brake pressure sensor

    ●Flexible pedal switch


    ●Driver multi-parameter display

    ●Test lithium battery: H32 (optional)

    ●Accessories: signal line, power line, GPS antenna

    ●Instrument storage box: NE-BOX-ABS

  • Automotive ABS test system software
    Automotive ABS test system software

    ●6 wheel revolution channels with direction recognition function and anti-shake function

    ●Able to complete 6 rounds of average speed, slip (slip) rate measurement

    ●It can complete 6-round instantaneous speed and slip (slip) rate instantaneous measurement

    ●Using a unique equal-precision hardware speed measurement circuit to solve the contradiction between the speed and accuracy of the pulse signal frequency measurement

    ●More than 59 measurement parameters and 58 real-time curves can be displayed (16 parameters and 8 real-time curves can be displayed at the same time)

    ●More than 49 test average curves or special parameters can be displayed (two parameter curves can be displayed at the same time)

    ●Multiple test trigger synchronization modes, which can complete tests such as ABS, ASR performance test, normal braking performance, power performance, etc.

    ●Test parameter configuration customization management function, which can save commonly used test configurations for different test items, which is convenient for direct recall in the future

    ●Convenient and simple test process control, with one-key completion function, suitable for vehicle dynamic environment operation

    ●All test data and curves can be output to clipboard, text file or printer

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