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Power/Economy/Brake Test System

Power/Economy/Brake Test System
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Automobile power, fuel (gas, electricity) economy, and braking performance, also known in the industry as basic vehicle performance or five-wheel instrument, is one of the common test items for motor vehicles, suitable for traditional vehicles and new energy vehicles. The basic performance test system for power/economy/brake performance has two test equipment configuration schemes to choose from: (1) laptop + data collector scheme; (2) embedded all-in-one machine scheme.

Measurement parameters

●Required parameters: vehicle speed, time, distance, fuel consumption, MFDD, pedal force

●Selected measurement parameters: pedal displacement, brake line pressure, traction force, engine speed

Main feature

●Full Chinese operation: clear interface, high-contrast color matching

●Meet national standards: suitable for China's automotive testing industry

●High-precision speed measurement: FPGA-based hardware equal-precision speed measurement algorithm

●Efficient data management: automatic classification management of test data, support for rapid test report generation

●Convenient test operation: Fully consider the working conditions of vehicle vibration, one-button operation, support voice prompt function

Pilot projects

dynamic test

Minimum stable vehicle speed     GB/T12547-2009

Maximum speed                           GB/T12544-2012

Start acceleration                          GB/T12543-2009

Direct gear acceleration                GB/T12543-2009

Beyond Acceleration                     GB/T12543-2009

Steep climbing test                       GB/T12539-2018

Fuel economy test

Constant velocity fuel consumption         GB/T12545-2008

accelerate fuel consumption                     GB/T12545-2008

Idle fuel consumption                               GB/T12545-2008

Braking performance test                        GB/T12676-2014

glide test                                                 GB/T12536-2017

Speedometer calibration                         GB/T12548-2016

Traction performance test                       GB/T12537-1990

Data update frequency 1Hz~100Hz can be set
GPS speed measurement frequency 10Hz, 20Hz, 100Hz optional (optional dual antenna and RTK function)
Speed Range: 0-720km/h; accuracy: ±0.1 km/h; resolution: 0.01 km/h
Time Range: unlimited; accuracy: ±1ms; resolution: 1ms
Distance Range: unlimited; accuracy: ±2cm; resolution: 4mm
Fuel consumption Range: 0.3~120L/h (250L/h); accuracy: ±0.5%
Pedal force Range: 1200N; Comprehensive accuracy: ±0.3%FS
Pedal displacement Range: 800mm; ±0.05%FS
Brake line pressure Range: 20MPa (1.6MPa); ±0.25%FS
Traction Range: 10T; Accuracy: ±0.5%
Power supply 12VDC (7~30V wide voltage)

  • Laptop + data collector solution
    Laptop + data collector solution

    ●Data collector: PCM-6851A

    ●Laptops: mainstream brands

    ●Driver multi-parameter display: DM-3 (optional)

    ●Test lithium battery: H32 (optional)

    ●Accessories: signal line, power line, GPS antenna

    ●Instrument storage box: NE-BOX6851

    ●Pedal force sensor: NE-PF1200

    ●Flexible pedal switch: GP101

    ●Handheld Communicator: NE-HS1

    ●Fuel consumption meter (user choice)

    ●Gas consumption meter: DCM-8110 (optional)

    ●Power consumption meter: NE-EM620 (optional)

    ●Basic performance testing software

  • Embedded all-in-one solution
    Embedded all-in-one solution

    ●Data acquisition host: VEM-7S

    ●Driver multi-parameter display: DM-3

    ●Pedal force sensor: NE-PF1200

    ●Flexible pedal switch: GP101

    ●Handheld Communicator: NE-HS1

    ●Fuel consumption meter

    ●Instrument storage box

    ●PC data analysis software

    ●Accessories: signal line, power line, GPS antenna

    ●Pedal displacement sensor: MPS-S-800 (optional)

    ●Test lithium battery: H32 (optional)

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